About me

Hello I'm Abigail! I'm twenty and I live in South Wales in the UK. Welcome to KoalaHill! If you're wondering what it means; my last names Hill and me and my boyfriend love Koala Bears so there you go. I thought I'd choose something a lot more personal and more me than my previous URL.
I'm currently in full time employment assisting individuals with ABI (Aquired Brain Injury), mental health, LD and autisim to live as independtly as possible.
 I'm an introvert but a big love for adventures (on my own or with my boyfriend normally). I also believe laughing is the best medicine. I love (trying) to keep fit and healthy and spending too much money I haven't got. 
KoalaHill was est in 2012 (previously called DrowsyHearts) but took a long break from blogging at the end of 2013 due to personal reasons (see my post 'Who Am I' for more information). But I hope to get the ball rolling and get KoalaHill up and running; sharing my thoughts, reviews, healthy lifestyle and adventures with the world.

Anything you want to ask, please don't hesitate to contact me :) My e-mail is abigailhill-@hotmail.com

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